Twister Cup


The strongest portable mixer (16,000 rpm) from which you can drink directly and 100% lump-free!

Your body. Your Suplement. Lump free!
Drink slim. Your new figure. Your TWISTER POWER.
Your water. Your TWISTER POWER. Always and everywhere.

Shaken not stirred? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!
With the TWISTER POWER you make the perfect blends. Always and everywhere.

The TWISTER POWER can be used to produce up to 600 ml large mixtures. For example: before the workout, add the ingredients together with water to the TWISTERPOWER, close it well and after the workout mix it with a click to the enjoyable blend. You and your TWISTER POWER. A team for life!
+ Easy to charge via USB port
+ Food safe
+ bpa free
+ Dishwasher safe
+ Powerful battery motor
+ 2 years warranty
+ Made in EU