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I am special ministries

I Am Special is a Christian-based, non-profitable children’s upliftment and educational ministry. The founders of this ministry believe that the idea of I Am Special was born in God’s heart and we have the privilege to tell and show children all over nations that they are really special.

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Durbanville Kinderhuis

Durbanville Children’s Home has been taking care of children in need for the past 127 years, since it opened its doors in 1883. It focuses on the care, development and rehabilitation of emotionally traumatised children through a process of therapeutic intervention and re-uniting them with their families if possible.

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Alta du Toit School

Alta du Toit School offers specialized, professional education to learners with intellectual disablities from different cultural backgrounds who can not benefit from mainstream not. Every child here is provided the best possible opportunity to progress according to their ability and at their own tempo.

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Andrew Murray Childrens Home

In 1898, Dr Andrew Murray, then pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church in Wellington, travelled through the Karoo. On his travels he noticed how many girls living on the farms were without any work or even education. This situation bothered him so much that he established the Industrial School in Wellington where these girls could learn skills like house keeping, food preparation and sewing, as well as learning to read and write. The first building in Murray Street was completed in 1898 and the first 36 girls from the Union and mission stations in Rhodesia and Nyasaland were sent there for training.

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