Veritas Awards

The proof is in the bottle

The Veritas Awards is the longest running and most prestigious wine competition in South Africa and is synonymous with excellence in wine. The organisers, the South African National Wine Show Association (SANWSA), represents the full spectrum of the industry.

The judging system for Veritas has been described as one of the most thorough in the industry. Judging panels are representative of the entire wine industry and include winemakers, researchers, academics and merchants and are compiled in collaboration with the relevant cultivar work groups.

Source: Veritas

Latest Awards




Year of Award
CCC White Bronze 2011 2011
Sauvignon Blanc Brut Bronze 2011 2011
Sauvignon Blanc Gold 2011 2011
Chardonnay Silver 2011 2011
CCC Semi Sweet Bronze 2011 2011
Cabernet/Merlot Silver 2011
Vertex Cabernet Sauvignon Silver 2011
Sauvignon Blanc Silver 2012 2012
Dawn Silver 2012 2012
Chardonnay Bronze  2012 2012
CCC White Bronze 2012 2012
Vertex Cabernet Sauvignon Bronze 2010 2012
Sauvignon Blanc Brut Silver 2013
Cabernet/Merlot Silver 2012 2013
Chardonnay Bronze 2013 2013
Dusk Bronze 2013
Riggton Red Bronze 2012 2013
Merlot Bronze 2012 2013
Sparkling Brut Bronze 2014
Cabernet/Shiraz Bronze 2014
Dawn Bronze 2014
Cabernet/Merlot Bronze 2011 2012
Cabernet Shiraz Silver 2014
Barrel Select Shiraz Bronze 2013
Cabernet Shiraz Bronze 2015 2016
Shiraz Bronze 2015 2016