the Elethu black-owned black economic empowerment farm recently paid dividends to its beneficiaries

Elethu, the successful 100% black-owned grape farming initiative that benefits Bonnievale Wines workers, is approaching a significant milestone. The Bonnievale Wines management team has a long-standing mentorship relationship with this successful Black Economic Empowerment farm. In May next year the equal shareholding in the 30ha Elethu farm initiative comes to an end and 100% management […]

“We always think nothing big ever happens in Bonnievale.” Thus begins a letter that arrived in the Bonnievale Wines post box last week. Written by a learner, it followed an school trip that Bonnievale Wines helped realise. The entire Grade 12 classes of Bonnievale High School undertook a sponsored trip to the Artscape Theatre in […]

“Pars 2017 het ‘n tipiese plattelandese begin gehad – stadig en elegant.” So sê Bonnievale Wines wynmaker Marthinus Rademeyer in sy nuutste oes-verslag oor hierdie opwindende jaarlikse gebeurtenis. “Kultivars soos Sauvignon blanc en Nouvelle het tot op die stadium die parsbedrywighede oorheers, Ons wil hulle teen hoër suikers pars vir voller wyne met uitgesproke vrug […]

Natural occurrences like the drought currently experienced in the Western Cape often bring side-effects. Bonnievale Wines viticulturist Sakkie Bosman has kept a close eye on these trends around the current harvest. “The regular southeast winds that blow in the Bonnievale area have an advantageous cooling effect on the vineyards,” he explains. “During the fruit ripening […]

Bonnievale Wines are crafted by nature, but country living isn’t for the squeamish. That is if you go by the experiences of Bonnievale Wines CEO John Barnardt and his wife, Jacqui, who are currently hosting two venomous snakes in their garden. By all accounts, their home alongside the Bonnievale Wines cellar and vineyards would be […]