Hiking Trails

Welcome to a breath-taking haven of fresh air swiftly passing through the Du Toitskloof mountains into the valley where you will find the Du Kloof, Sleeping Giant and Waking Giant hiking trails. These intermediate trails are not for the faint hearted but may be attempted by beginners when using a different direction on the paths. Follow the signs along the trail to ensure you are on the correct route for your fitness level. The Waking Giant Hiking Trail stats as follow: Distance: 7km | Ascent: 645m | Decent: 643m.

Before taking the plunge, and attempting any of the above hiking trails, be sure to obtain your hiking permit from reception at Du Kloof Lodge. This permit does come with a reward so keep it close by! Once you have completed the hiking trail, stroll down to the Piscator Pub to enjoy a much-deserved refreshment with 10% discount on your bill (when presenting your valid permit). View our special flyer here.

A variety of fauna and flora can be seen in the area whilst rambling along the vigorous hiking trails. The majestic DuToitskloof mountain, its stunning views and waterfalls captivate every person who embraces it. We have even added a few quotes and riddles to keep you entertained along the way, as if hiking a mountain wasn’t hard enough already. Solve all the riddles and you may be in for a surprise. Find answers at reception.

Some of these hiking trails are exceptionally challenging so we do suggest reading through the testimonials at the bottom of this page to ensure you know what you are in for. There are also a few very importance rules & guidelines found in the brochure below. See the testimonials for some hints on how to conquer the Waking Giant hiking trail.

For years I have gazed at the beautiful mountain at Du Kloof Lodge admiring its beauty. Guests at the Lodge kept asking, “Is there a hiking trail going up this amazing mountain?” This led to my first journey up the Sleeping Giant. We call it the Sleeping Giant, because the mountain is shaped in the form of someone lying on his back looking upwards.

The first goal was to make a short hiking trail to a nice viewpoint, but the further we went the more this sleeping giant dared us closer. My team changed on a regular basis due to the difficulty of the task at hand, but all played their part helping to carry the beacon further and further… I personally also soon had to deal with my fears of heights..

Francois Louw, The story behind the Waking of the GIANT

With the morning grass still crisp underfoot, myself and two comrades bravely set off on our quest upon the ‘Waking giant’ trail.

Spirits were high as we crossed the river to the starting point of the three du Kloof Lodge hikes, each of which explore various parts of the mountain.  The time was 7:45.  Had we known better, I’m pretty sure we would rather have left at 6:00. For the first 2 to 3 hours, the Waking Giant follows the same route as the Sleeping Giant.  It is a steep trail along the ridge of the mountain requiring a fair amount of stretching and climbing.  Here we were still spoilt with the man made steps to help us along the way. We made a few stops to enjoy the views and catch our breath, and were lucky enough to spot three light-footed deer a few meters away…

Niki Louw, The Waking giant

It was an early morning rise the day I tackled the 2 giants. We wanted to get started before the sun was too hot on our skins. If only we had known.

So first, we tackled the sleeping giant. Gracious as she lays, this is a difficult climb, but bearable. You have to be fit; motivated and not scared of heights. It is a spectacular climb and one that takes a lot of energy, but it is an enjoyable climb to the top. You truly feel you have accomplished something. Good, solid boots is a must as there are many slippery places and a shoe with a tight grip is only an advantage. 75min later the view from the top is simply magnificent….. and then you continue onto the waking giant. Oh my!!! I had absolutely no idea what was waiting or what to expect…

Julita Lambrechts, Waking the Giant